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Lettre d’information 44/2011 – 04.10.2011

The second weekend of May 2011 we had the chance to go to London with some of our favourite teachers. We left our beautiful city of Liège early in the morning, at Liège Guillemins. We then caught our Eurostar at Bruxelles-Midi, and our crazy journey began. The first thing we did when we arrived in London was to wait 40 minutes because we had to queue to buy our underground tickets…

After leaving our luggage at the hostel we would sleep in, we made our way to Trafalgar Square and its impressive fountains. We were free to go for an hour or two, and eat something.

Once a full stomach, we went for what would be the most thrilling activity of our whole stay, a 2-hour-long trip on a London bus (you know, the fancy red open-top buses), with a lady screaming in her megaphone…

We somehow managed not to fall asleep (well, some of us at least!), and when this torture session was finally over, we then made a boat trip on the Thames. Now, this was far more pleasant than the bus, mainly because you could walk around, it was quiet, there wasn’t all the traffic everywhere. And it was even sunny! What more could you ask for?


We saw a lot of the main attractions of London, including the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and some crazy dildo shaped buildings. We ended our day walking in the crazy Camden streets, which were full of all kinds of people such as punks etc. After this exhausting day, we ended up doing what every student should do during the night, stay in their rooms and sleep…




Sunday was the big day, we saw the Buckingham Palace and its weird-dressed guards, all of them carrying big guns. We walked through a very beautiful park, and we then had dinner in a very nice place called Covent Garden where we also took advantage of the numerous shops. In the afternoon, we visited the London Dungeon (some walk through a frightening dungeon, with themes like Jack the Ripper and other scary things) and its neighbourhood, and we then ended in Picadilly Circus to eat something and enjoy its crowded, animated streets.


To end this wonderful day, we saw a marvellous show called « Thriller Live » at the Lyric Theatre, a musical based on Michael Jackson’s songs and career. The dancers were really good, so was the light show, and the big majority of us really had an amazing time there. To close this epic day, we were so excited that we couldn’t sleep at once and we were so noisy that we received a warning from the hostel’s employees… Moreover the alarm rang in the middle of the night… We thought it was because of us but in fact, a naked man had opened the emergency exit door! We definitely didn’t sleep a lot that night!

For our last day in this dashing city, we finally visited the Madame Tussaud’s Museum, where, of course, lots of pictures were taken, and we then went back to Covent Garden to do some more shopping. We had to meet again at the hostel mid-afternoon, but some people were late and therefore we missed our train. The teachers were very angry… Anyway, in the end, it wasn’t such a bad thing for the school, since they got paid back for the price of the new tickets. Everything ended well!

We would like to thank the teachers again, because they gave us one of the best school trips of our lives.

Gaëtan Knops & Simon Maerten

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