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dresde1Lettre d’information 38/2014 – 23.11.2014

From the 29th of September to the 3rd of October, we went to Dresden (Germany) with three teachers (Mrs de Barsy, Mrs Fauconier and Mr Sacco) within the context of the Comenius project. We travelled by train. 7 hours… It was really long!

Monday evening we were invited for a barbecue with the Dutch and the Italian partners. We were welcomed by some German pupils and we had a guided tour of their brand-new school.

Tuesday morning we were divided into groups to take part in the different workshops (calendar, WordPress) and some of us had to join lessons to make a short presentation on Belgium. We weren’t really happy because the German pupils had removed some parts of our presentation, such as the Belgian specialities etc. and we were disappointed because we thought it was interesting!

In the afternoon, we took part in the German workshop where we made some experiments with water and then we had a guided tour of Dresden. We walked a lot but the weather was quite nice and we saw lots of beautiful places and monuments. Dresden is a really nice town with so many things to see!

On Wednesday we went on with the different workshops. First, Italy, then the Netherlands (during their workshop, we analysed the water of the Elbe, the river crossing Dresden), and then Belgium. In the afternoon, we had some free time and we went shopping.

On Thursday we had a long walk in the Saxon Switzerland National Park but it was worth walking because the landscape was just breathtaking!

In the evening, we had dinner all together in a special restaurant where you order your meals on a tablet and your drinks and dishes arrive along rails above your head.

On Friday we went back to Belgium.

During our stay, we slept in a hostel in the centre of Dresden. It was well situated, not far from the school and not far from the shops, restaurants and places to see. The hostel was really nice, the rooms were clean and spacious. The entrance was equipped with a kind of lounge room, a bar and a small terrace where we could have a drink or just meet to talk a little bit. The breakfast was copious and varied.

This week was unforgettable! We made friends with the Italian, Dutch and German pupils and we were sad we had to leave at the end of the week! Fortunately we can communicate with them on Facebook, WordPress etc.

We are looking forward to the next trips!


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